Pioneer DM-50 D aktyvios kolonėlės
Pioneer DM-50 D aktyvios kolonėlės

Pioneer DM-50 D aktyvios kolonėlės

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249.00 229.00

  • Pioneer DM-40BT aktyvios kolonėlės
  • Tinkamos prie kompiuterio bei mėgėjiškai studijai
  • Atkuriami dažniai: 70 – 30000 Hz
  • 4 colių stiklo pluošto žemų/vidutinių dažnių garsiakalbis
  • Bass reflex sistema
  • AB klasės stiprintuvas. 2X21W
  • 3D stereo garsas
  • Galima rinkits juodos arba baltos spalvos kolonėles
  • Nuoroda į gamintojo svetainę

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Versatile sound

The compact desktop monitors bring excellent audio quality to your home setup. They inherit the best from our professional S-DJX series and Pro Audio speakers, including a front-loaded bass reflex system for a rich, tight bass and DECO* technology for a wider reach and sweet spot.

All these features are combined in a compact design making the DM-40 the perfect match for DJing, producing and simply enjoying music at home.


  • Front-loaded bass reflex system

    4-inch fiberglass woofers output a strong, punchy bass from the front, while grooves on the ducts reduce air friction. This way you’ll feel a tight bass kick even when the monitors are positioned against the wall.

  • 3D stereo sound

    The DM-40’s ¾-inch soft dome tweeters are fitted with DECO convex diffusers that channel high frequencies in every direction. So you’ll enjoy a wide sweet spot and 3D stereo sound wherever you sit or stand.

  • Time alignment

    Class AB amplifiers deliver a crisp sound with low-distortion. Plus the tweeter and woofer are perfectly aligned to eliminate crossover and ensure a well-balanced response across the frequencies.






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